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About us

I ❤ Honda! is a dedicated Honda importing company. We are part of RZCrew Trading, a group specialised in dealing automotive performance parts.

We started off as regular car enthusiasts, living our passion after work hours. We built our cars and lived from track days to track days, spending our hard earned money on the best parts we could find for our needs.

As the years and project cars went by, we gathered not only knowledge and skills on building high performance machines, but also built an extensive network of parts suppliers. From there, we started RZCrew Trading to share the good deals with our fellow motorheads.

We've lived through the instant noodle diet just to get the parts we wanted for our projects, and we know full well how painful that can be. This is why our philosophy is to sell the parts for as low as we can, so that you can build your car with minimal compromise on your daily life!

As you have guessed by the name, I ❤ Honda deals exclusively with Honda vehicles. If your car isn't listed then feel free to submit a parts request. We can supply parts for other vehicles such as the NSX (NA1, NA2) and older CRX vehicles (EE/EF etc). We also cater for non-performance JDM models such as the Stream, Stepwagon, Odyssey and Life.

Most of the parts we supply (with the exception of a handful of UK sourced brands) are made for the Japanese Domestic Market which means our supplier is based in Japan. Our partners from Japan are based in Osaka.

A weekly order is presented to our buyer on a Monday morning (10:00am GMT) which is then processed. Please consider lead times when purchasing from us.

You can be assured that every single JDM item we sell if 100% authentic! We do not supply "JDM Style", "Copies" or "Knockoffs"! To find out more about our thoughts on this please visit our Please Buy Genuine page.

We also warrant all JDM parts for 3 months from delivery.

Ben & JC
I ❤ Honda!


Easy to use website..

The I ❤ Honda! website uses the latest technologies (HTMl5, CSS3, Boostrap, Jquery). It will run on all mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers.

Our product filter enables users to pin-point exactly what they are looking for..

img Real-time Yen to € pricing

I ❤ Honda! has a unique pricing system which is automatically updated every 5 minutes from real time exchange rate data. This means there is no awkward email asking for more € for parts because the exchange rate has dropped since the website was last updated.

We felt this was a vital tool for our website as 99% of our products are sourced in Japan.


Online Support

We offer online direct chat support as well as Email.

We love what we do, we are passionate about the parts we sell. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like. We are confident we can meet your expectations..