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Supporting legitimate products = securing the future of the industry

Research and Design

Extensive R+D costs thousands. This helps bring out the best in products

Extensive Testing

Pushing the products to the limit in the harshest of environments

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001 approved testing procedures help product safety and reduce returns

Approvals (JASMA etc)

Jasma and other approvals are there to prove safety and compliance

Product Marketing

Getting product to market and raising awareness has significant costs

Increase in Sales

Respected quality products with solid marketing and approvals increase sales

Lower Cost per Unit

Higher production qty reduce costs per unit which keeps RRPs down

Financial Security

All of this gives financial security so the process can begin again with new product development

Still considering copies or knock offs?

After reading those last 8 steps would you still consider buying an inferior product such as a copy, knock off/fake? Please consider the safety of yourself, your family, your passengers and other road users. Failure rates of these fake parts are high. The quality of materials and workmanship is low. The makers of these parts do not care about quality. They want to make as much profit as possible..

The I ❤ Honda! Campaign

The I ❤ Honda! "Please Buy Genuine" Campaign encompasses not only the automotive market but also every market where original goods are produced and sold. Brands that invest heavily into new products for our cars do so in order to increase your automotive experience. Without these brands and their forward-thinking approach we'd simply have no performance parts to add to our cars.

The brands that invest heavily into Research and Design do so because like us they love cars. They love racing. They want to push the boundaries and do better than the next guy. It's built into our DNA - survival of the fittest. But the brands face some real challenges - the global credit crunch limits capital they can draw from, raw material costs are only going up and raw materials are being used extensively by other industries - placing limitations on what can be produced and when they can be produced. But a far greater threat exists - illegal styled, replica or themed parts which either garnish from a brands good name or copy directly a brands products. Whilst capital and raw materials can be found elsewhere, illegal products have the power to completely collapse a brand on their own.

Fact: Replica products in any shape, form or description are illegal - it's as simple as that.

Brands invest into Research and Development with the income generated from sales. As a result of this Research and Development new products are produced to better the automotive experience. With new parts comes increased sales - and given that their products are not being copied (a crucial aspect of the cycle) - the increased sales result in lower part costs (a positive with many customers) because of the increased volumes. From this income more and more time and effort can be dedicated to producing new parts via Research and Design - and the cycle continues.

The pivot of the system relies on customers seeking only authentic products and rewarding the brands by purchasing them. If market share is being directed towards illegal replicas or styled parts the brands cannot afford to keep producing new parts and the market dries up (see Trust and Apexi for recent examples).

Aside from the economics of this issue, a more concerning matter exists and that is the safety of the consumer. The majority of authentic parts come with various manufacturing standards ratings, quality control ratings or sanctioned approvals (such as FIA, Jasma etc) so that you are sure the part can perform as specified without safety issues. Illegal replicas and styled parts live off the authentic brands' good name and place people at risk with inferior materials and false endorsements.

I ❤ Honda! are taking an active stand against illegal replicas, styled and themed parts because we do not want to see people ripped off, we don't want to support an illegal black market and we don't want to see people put at risk. We want to encourage others to take a similar stand and join us in the effort to stamp out such trade.

I ❤ Honda! will act as a knowledge base for businesses and consumers to see whether or not the product they are buying is authentic. We will reduce the cost to consumers of having to replace broken illegal replica or themed parts or from having to pay to replace said parts because they do not live up to the expectations that the authentic parts promise. Over time we will aim to form a board where we can pursue retailers and / or manufacturers who support the trade in illegal goods.

All we ask is for your support. Thank you.

The I ❤ Honda