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This is the product listing for the K-Tech B18C 1807cc 12.0 Compression Engine Type 2 manufactured by K-Tech. Part Number K180-SS-I-2.

Genuine Honda B18C engine overhauled by the legendary Saitama based K-Tech. The engine capacity is increased to 1807cc with the bore and stroke increasing to 81.25 x 87.2mm. The compression ratio is increased from 12.0 to 11.1. The K-Tech B18C Type 2 produces 230PS. The Type 2 employs super lightweight forged pistons and rods.

K-Tech B18C 1807cc 12.0 Compression Engine Type 2

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Part Number : K180-SS-I-2

Fitment : DC2, EK9, EK4, EG6

Lead Time: Varies. Allow 25 to 60 days

Sourced in: Japan

Est Install Time: 480 mins

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